we are pilots, i am igrab

This is a personal blog basically. It's Tumblr, what did you honestly expect?

I'm particularly interested in Greece and Rome, space, science, magic, lesbians, bondage/dominance, Rachel McAdams, and cats.

Fandom-ly I like YA and sci-fi/fantasy lit, Sherlock Holmes (and Victoriana), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and Mythology), and video games. Asscreed and Final Fantasy and stuff. Etc.

There will also be some graphics, some comics stuff, and whatever else I feel like.

In Dreams We See Our Fates Revealed • o1) Anacrusis
Greek Mythology Rockstar AU

"Relax, Cissie," she murmured soothingly, patting his arm. "The boss’ll calm him down in no time."

And she did, surprisingly enough. For a man that could spend an hour in hysterics over a less than perfect hairstyle, that it only took two for him to get over his missing microphone was a damn miracle. Narcissus even got his shower, because he had a loving girlfriend who knew almost as much about spotlights as he did, thanks to days like this. Run of the mill, you see, when you were on tour with the Lord of the Sky.

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