we are pilots, i am igrab

This is a personal blog basically. It's Tumblr, what did you honestly expect?

I'm particularly interested in Greece and Rome, space, science, magic, lesbians, bondage/dominance, Rachel McAdams, and cats.

Fandom-ly I like YA and sci-fi/fantasy lit, Sherlock Holmes (and Victoriana), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and Mythology), and video games. Asscreed and Final Fantasy and stuff. Etc.

There will also be some graphics, some comics stuff, and whatever else I feel like.

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Sally Hansen Nail Polish: Galaxy Nails Tutorial on A Cup of Jo

always reblog galaxy tutorials, these ones look so nice :3
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tatiana plakhova
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apparently, at least one does :D

kalelle replied to your postyou go away for half a month and have no idea what’s on your dash anymore what

Ten hours outside is ten years in the dream.

ndjfksg DID MISSING E CATCH UP TO BEING ASSFACED? because aaahhhhhhhhh

seriously though i don’t recognize half these people and don’t even KNOW half these fandoms ohlol i think i will go back to reading my gay werecat detective book. even if it’s breaking my heart atm.

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I am here by Aegirine